A Revelation of Today's Apostasy Countered with the Good News of Jesus Christ

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The Apostasy of Professing Christians Revealed 

An Examination of the Deception Perpetrated by False Christians


"Now the Spirit [of God] speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils."
(New Testament, 1st Timothy 4:1; KJV)

When the disciples of Jesus Christ asked their Lord what sign would point to the nearness of His second coming and the end of the age, the first thing the Lord Jesus told them was to beware of the deception that would take place in His name (see Matthew 24:3-5).  This site was created to expose the very thing the Lord warned His disciples about.

In this day and age false teachers are everywhere.  Sadly, many of these heretical teachers are active within professing Christian institutions.  The things they promote as inspired of God are actually different and contrary to what was taught by Christ and His disciples.

Though there are various kinds of deception fostered in the name of God, the main purpose of this site is to focus on under-reported issues concerning the anti-biblical teachings and ungodly practices associated with churches and ministries that purport to be Christian.  Facts, insight and sound biblical exhortation are presented to show that the teachings and behavior of the "anointed" in question are in reality unorthodox in comparison with historic Christian doctrine and practice.

It is my hope and prayer that this revelation of error contrasted with the truth will produce (genuine) repentance among those guilty of perpetuating the heresy and committing the crimes documented by this site.

For the Glory of God,
Brian J. Karjala


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Food for thought:  Though your church pastors won't tell you this, it is well documented that the former President of the United States remains loyal to a powerful occult-based secret society called Skull and Bones (for a 2004 NBC video admission, click: Bush Exposed).  Is it any wonder that a man who has a fixation with death is a man of war?...just like his father.  As a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ I am called to evangelize the nations, not support and give blessing to evildoers who bomb innocent men, women and children out of this world.

Now before some people accuse me of defending Saddam I will remind you that Saddam's murderous regime was for years financed and equipped by the U.S. Government:  Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein.  The U.S. military invasion of Iraq has led to the murder of more than one million Iraqis since 2003 (in the name of democracy) and has displaced more than four million of them, a far greater war crime than what Saddam ever did.  To Bush and Obama supporters:  Are you not the biggest hypocrites in the world?  For how long will you tolerate the lies of your ungodly leaders?  The blood of the innocent cries out.

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